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Nuzlocke Rules

A "Nuzlocke Run" refers to a specific type of Pokémon challenge run. It is defined by the following basic rules:

- You may only catch the first Pokémon you meet in a particular area;
- Pokémon that faint may no longer be used (think of it as permadeath).

You may choose to add specific clauses and additional rules as you wish. The Nuzlocke runs I did for this comic make use of the following additional rules/clauses:

- You may catch the first Puppet in an area that you have not caught previously (i.e., if I caught a Nazrin, and the first Puppet on the next route is also a Nazrin, I'm allowed to skip it and keep looking for Puppets until something new shows up);
- You must nickname all your Puppets;
- You may not catch Legendaries. They must all be killed;
- SEASON TWO ONLY: Amber's starter is picked randomly among one of the remaining Puppets in her box by the end of the previous run;
- SEASON TWO ONLY: Make use of a randomizer to determine the Puppets Amber is going to catch;
- SEASON TWO ONLY: Should Amber defeat Champion Wallace, she will take his place as the Champion and Lyla, should she make it that far, must face Amber's team for her own Champion battle.

If you're interested in doing your own Nuzlocke Run, remember the first two rules above are the only requirements, but you're allowed to add anything else you'd like to make the run more or less challenging - like not being able to use items or Pokémon Centers, etc. Be aware, though, that the Nuzlocke Challenge was created because the original Pokémon games tend to be on the easy side (their target audience is children, after all), but rom hacks are typically made for people who are veterans at this type of game and as such tend to be considerably more difficult (not to mention, being made by hobbyists means that balance might not be their strong suit) - which explains why this comic has so many deaths in it...
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